389982_162982537134369_1219137798_nThe cycling season is upon us.  Late spring and summer are great for enjoying a ride through Rhode Island.  Here are some of my tips on what to wear to make your bike ride more enjoyable:

  • Don’t dis the lid.  Your bike helmet is your only protection between you and the not so forgiving ground.  Laws in over 22 states require a helmet.  Make you’re your helmet fits to ensure full protection.  A proper fitting helemet sits level on your head, touches all around, and is snug but not too tight.  Look for a hemet that has a CPSC sticker inside.  When choosing your helemet a bright color is always good for visability.  Remember if you happen to fall while riding and hit your head your helmet needs to be replaced. The impact crushes some of the foam, although the damage may not be visible. Helmets work so well that you need to examine them for marks or dents to know if you hit.



  • Sunglasses are important for not only looking cool, but for protection of your eyes.  Foreign objects like dirt or small stones are easily kicked up from the road.  The glare of the sun can also impair your vision while riding.  When choosing sunglasses keep in mind you want a pair that offer glare reduction need to provide more than simple glare reduction. They should have good peripheral vision, are light weight and fit comfortably under a helmet.
  • Cycling shirts or “jerseys” are great for riding.  They come in many colors and flashy designs.  Those designs not only look cool, but also make you very visable to motorists.  The shirts are made with pockets in the back  for, spare tires, food, and a cell phone.
  • Cycling gloves have many purposes. Cycling can be stressful for your hands from long periods holding the handle bars. Cycling gloves offer padding on the palms to minimize the pressure from the handlebars to the hands. If a fall should occur cycling gloves will also protect , and minimize the damage to your hands.  They are very useful for wiping off glass