SUSAN.jpgMeet Susan King. Susan contacted me two months ago.  She said she wanted to do a triathlon but had no experience.  In fact, she had already entered her first race. We chatted on the phone for a while.  She was a competitive runner.  Had done bodybuilding, and was a fit 60-year-old woman.  I was super excited to begin working with her and help her fulfill her dream of doing a triathlon.  At the end of our conversation, Susan said she forgot to mention one thing.  She did not know how to swim, and due to a traumatic childhood experience, she was afraid of the water.  My response; “no worries Susan I will get you there. ” We began by meeting twice a week and started in the shallow side of the pool.  When teaching an adult who is afraid of the water it is important to be mindful of their fear and at the same time offer support so that they learn to love the water.  Simply put start slow and move even slower.  We spent many sessions playing and bobbing in the water.  Learning to be comfortable with water all around and in every orifice.  We progressed to learning how to kick with her face in the water, swimming on her side, breathing and then eventually moving from one end of the pool to the other.  Susan is a hard worker.  She would practice on her own two and three times per week.  I emphasized the value of “perfect practice”.  I told her I would teach her everything I knew, but unless she worked on her own nothing would stick.  Fast forward to today.  Take a look at her video.  Susan is a SWIMMER!  in fact, she now calls herself a swimmer.  I am so proud to be on this journey with her.

The take away from Susan is this:  It is never too late no matter how old you are.  Swimming is a lifetime sport.  When we can’t run, bike, hike or any other activity, we can always swim.  When you know how to do it correctly it is even fun!  If you are saying to yourself I can not learn to swim, please contact me.  I will help you through every step of the way.  Learn to love swimming you will NEVER regret it.   Ask Susan!