Crazy weather and waves ruled the races this weekend.  That did not stop the athletes of Triathlon Training with Amy from stepping up to the starting line.  At the Firm Man half Ironman and Sprint triathlon the athletes faced choppy waters to start their day.  In the Sprint race Toby Bennett placed 3rd. in the 40-44 age group in a time of 1:16:41.  John Goodwin took third in the competitive 60-64 age group in a time of 1:21:22.   In the  Half Ironman Leslie Battle took a first place in the 45-49 age group, and 4th overall with a time of 5:52:33.   Across the bay in the Tri Newport Sprint Triathlon George Butts placed 4th in his age against a very strong field.  Racing continues next weekend! FITNESS FOR LIFE!