As summer slowly comes to an end, the athletes of Triathlon Training with Amy still continue to race, posting outstanding performances.  At the first Ironman 70.3 in Atlantic City, the team of Bernier and Bernier both set PR’s. According to Donna and Danny the swim was very challenging with heavy currents and the run, hotter than hell! Donna finished in a time of 5:38:27 a personal best of 2 minutes placing 13th in her age group.  It should be noted that this race had more women  than any other half Ironman in the world. Danny came across the line in 5:11:51, setting a new personal best by over 5 minutes.  A little side note these two have raced a crazy season.  They began with a Sprint in May, a 1/2 Iron man in June, an Olympic in July, A full Ironman in August, a century ride last weekend, and a in two-weeks will race a full Ironman in Maryland.  Dan wraps it up, and Donna will go on to run a marathon!.   Oh and by the way they set the schedule I just make sure the get to the starting line and finish strong.  Way to go guys, you make me proud.

In Rhode Island at the Y NOT TRI Denise Cugini Champney  raced to the number one spot for the females with a time of 57:07 and setting a personal best of over 7 minutes!  John Goodwin placed 4th in his very competitive field of 60-64, in a time of 1:01.  Man those guys are fast!

I Feel very fortunate to be able to coach such an amazingly dedicated group of athletes!