As the summer winds down  the athletes of Triathlon Training with Amy put on their goggles, mounted their bikes, and tied their laces.  These are the some of the most dedicated people I know.  All with full-time jobs and some with kids, they meet me for early morning track workouts, and ocean swims.  When I say we are riding, they say “ok” even when it is 98 degrees.  This weekend all their dedication paid off.

Beginning with Saturday at the Cranberry Trifest Sprint  Carol McConaghy placed 8th. in the 50-54 age group in a time of 1:51:51.  At the DKH Give It A Tri.  Leslie Battle won the woman’s division overall in a time of 1:20:26, and the amazing John Goodwin placed 2nd. in the 60-64 age group in a time of 1:25:36.

Sunday was a huge day for determination and PR’s.  At the Timberman 70.3 Toby Bennett had a PR of 9 minutes finishing in 4:57:39.  Bill Almond takes the PR to a new level, proving hard work really does pay off, with a time of 6:24:45 and a PR of 31 minutes.  George Butt’s not to outdone by his training partner PR’s by 30 minutes in a time of 5:56:44.

On Sunday, the second day of the Cranberry Trifest,  Denise Cugini Champany sets a new PR for herself in the Olympic distance by 14 minutes in a time of 3:04:11 placing 11th in the 40-44 age group.  Leslie Battle did the double at the Rhode Warrior placing 1st. Athena, 4th woman overall, and would have taken top honors in the 45-49 age division.

Moving north to Canada, Danny and Donna Bernier towed the line at Ironman Mont-Tremblant where last year the temperatures reached 95 degrees.  This year mother Nature decided to unleash all the rain and wind she has been holding on to all summer. Danny PRed this course by over 40 minutes in an impressive time of 11:40:01.  The real story of guts and determination go to Donna Bernier.  This woman will not be held down.  On Monday Donna started to have issues with her back, neck and shoulders.  Unable to train and move freely we worked with massage and PT to try to loosen up knots and relieve pain.  Although she did get some relief she was far from being 100%.  After lots of conversations Donna chose to start her race knowing that it would be a long day.  Although she did not have her fastest Ironman and race to the level she is capable, Donna pushed on through wind, rain and discomfort and finished her race in a time of 14:34:49.  This lady is an Ironman, all the hours of training, the sacrifice, the emotional highs and lows Donna refused to give in.  She pushed through a very long day in wind and rain, tolerated the pain and finished her Ironman.  That is Donna’s PR for the day GREAT JOB!

Congratulations to all!  Once again your hard work and commitment to your sport has rewarded you in many ways.  I am proud to be your coach!  “FITNESS FOR LIFE” “TRAIN WITH PURPOSE”