The advanced Triathlon training program is strictly for the seasoned athlete.  This program was developed to shave seconds off your transition times in T1 and T2, as well as minutes off your overall race time.  I will scrutinize your existing training methods, pinpointing areas of strength and weakness’. I will look at your current triathlon equipment and recommend changes to increase your speed.

What does this cost? In reality, it totally depends on each clients needs. Which is why the initial consultation is free-of-charge. From there we can develop a program which will both fit your lifestyle and budget.

Advanced Triathlete Program Highlights

  • Develop and entry level triathlon training program that may include all or some of the following:
    • Swimming
    • Biking
    • Running
    • Strength training
    • Nutrition
  • Choosingthe proper equipment.
  • Proper fitting to equipment.
  • Maintaining and care of equipment.
  • Finding your first race which may include all or some of the following according to your needs.
    • Choosing a venue
    • Choosing accommodations
    • Child care if needed
    • Pre-race nutrition
    • Race day clothing
    • race day set up
    • Competing with you.
  • Summary of the race, evaluation of goals.

Diet for sports:

Amy works with certified nutritionists that have experience in working with athletes. She will match you with a nutritionist who best suits your personality and needs, and then work with that person to tailor your program for success.

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