We each have our favorite workouts, and we each have workouts we’d prefer to avoid.  In the sport of triathlon we each have our favorite sport, and within each sport we have our favorite workout.  It is very important to embrace and celebrate opportunities to do workouts that we might not enjoy. Really,  who want’s to swim till your dizzy, ride with drool coming from your mouth, or run till you feel like pucking ? Nobody ever.  The bottom line is you have to get “uncomfortable” be get comfortable.  Crazy right? You’ve probably heard Nietzsche’s maxim: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” There is definitely a physiological training effect from working hard, and a mental edge developed from learning how to push through barriers. If you approach unpleasant workouts with the knowledge that you’re improving your ability to persevere, you’ll build a foundation you can depend on when other challenges arise. I find that most athletes like to brag on Stravia, Face Book, in the locker room , and at the bar about surviving tough workouts. The reality of such banter is that the technique benefits of doing things outside your comfort zone are an important part of your training.

  • Different distances and different levels of effort are powered by different metabolic systems. (anaerobic, aerobic, etc.) We need to train each of those systems, which means we need to do some sprinting, some distance, some sets with short rest, and others with more rest and higher intensity.
  • By improving both your anaerobic threshold and your leg speed, you will increase your endurance for longer distances.
  • Aid in increasing your cadence.
  • Interval work will give a boost your metabolism and help with weight loss.

To get the maximum benefit from each workout, make sure you understand what you’re trying to accomplish with it. Don’t waste any time by doing junk workouts. Always focus on what the purpose of the workout is and forget the rest. Ask your coach to explain the specific purpose and execution of each workout, that’s what you are paying for, right?

Regardless how you define yourself as an athlete, you may find that stretching your comfort zone could lead you to try something new. Hey, and it actually might be fun! You could meet new friends, and achieve results you hadn’t thought possible!