Sunday proved to be yet another hot day for racing.  In Lincoln Rhode Island at the Tri- Lincoln Sprint, Toby Bennett placed 6th in the 40 -44 age group in a time of 58:02.  At the Rev 3 triathlon in Maine Lesley Battle won the Athena division and was 8th. amongst  45-49 age group women setting a PR 2:01 for herself  in a time of 5:30:12.  The highlight of the weekend comes from one of my most dedicated and determined athletes.

Phillis Dillar once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”  That is exactly what Lesley Goldstein Englson did this weekend at the Rev 3 Olympic triathlon in Maine, she set it all straight.  Racing in the 60-64 age group Lesley trained long and hard for her first Olympic distance race.  Early morning track workouts, intervals on the bike and swim workouts in the pool and open water.  Weeks and days before the race we talked about her plan.  How she would seed herself for the swim, what pace to keep on the bike, and how she would execute the run.  She was ready! We calmed the nerves and she left for Maine confident and excited. On race day she would be ready!  The swim went great she felt good, she exited T1 on her bike  and at mile three,  BAM! her chain broke. Some athletes at this point would have given up, but not Lesley, first assistance from officer “Ray”, then the bike techs, and she as off again. She gave it her all regained her focus, and finished her race 4th in her age group in a time of 4:18:06.  My hat goes off to you Lesley because you demonstrated what it means to be a triathlete.  You worked hard, you did your homework,and yes it was not the day you planned for, but you finished anyway!  You are a champion, and your beautiful smile tells it all!