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“Listen your breathing” is often a phrase I say to my athletes when we are running.  Although breath control will not make you a faster runner, it can sure make running faster easier.  Here is some information I found to back up this statement. Often when you are running you hear people sucking’ in wind when [...]

Why Bother With Recovery Drinks? By Jessica Seaton, D.C.

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Post-exercise nutrition can improve the quality and the rate of recovery after a bout of serious exercise, such as a one hour swimming practice, a weight training session, or a longer run. Signs of poor recovery include fatigue, poor workouts, prolonged muscle soreness, lack of increased strength, and lack of increased muscle mass. Research has shown [...]


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The overarching purpose of the off-season for every triathlete is to set oneself up for success in the next triathlon season. Failing to recuperate in the winter is just one of several ways in which age groupers miss opportunities to fulfill this purpose. There are no fewer than five things you can do during the off-season [...]


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Hey folks we had a great first ride on Wednesday, hopefully everyone went away with a little more knowledge. Here is a follow up for those who were there and information for those who did not make it.  Looking forward to this Wednesday’s ride!  Amy TIPS ON PACELINE RIDING Many group rides can turn into survival [...]


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The cycling season is upon us.  Late spring and summer are great for enjoying a ride through Rhode Island.  Here are some of my tips on what to wear to make your bike ride more enjoyable: Don’t dis the lid.  Your bike helmet is your only protection between you and the not so forgiving ground.  Laws [...]


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What you eat and drink before and during cold-weather exercise can also help you perform your best and stay comfortable and safe. Proper nutrition helps regulate your core temperature, keeps your body warm and provides enough fuel for your working muscles. In warm weather it's easy to sweat to regulate your temperature and remove excess heat, [...]

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