Personalized Triathlon And Fitness Training Programs

Amy will meet with you to understand the demands of your life and will then create a training program to fit around your life.

As a mother, Amy developed training programs and methodologies to fit around her family life while she drove herself to the pinnacle of Triathletes…World Triathlon Champion. After achieving this great accolade….Amy repeated the feat and attained a second world title. There is no question that the Triathlon takes dedication but as a mother Amy develop her training programs to be minimally invasive to her family life.

While managing the business of family life Amy has competed in over 300 triathlons. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • 2007 Ironman, Hawaii, 4th Overall Master
  • 2003 World Triathlon Championship, New Zealand, 2nd
  • Two world Championships at the Olympic Distance
  • Ranked 1st by the United States Triathlon Federation

Amy has now taken all of her world championship Triathlon and Ironman experience and has created a variety of Triathlon and Fitness programs to assist you excel in with your life goals. Amy’s approach is unique, and personable,…she will meet with you to understand your goals, your life, family and business needs and will develop a training program that will meet your goals while fitting it in with the realities of your life and as your life changes Amy will adjust your program; she will also train with you and compete with you, if needed.

Check out Amy’s programs  – each will be tailored to your life.



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